Land Transports of Goods, GTTC Heads for Kribi

The first preparatory meeting for the installation of the grouping in the Port of Kribi was held on 18 August by video conference.

Last Tuesday 18 August, a video conference meeting was held between the leaders of the Groupement des Transporteurs Terrestres du Cameroun (GTTC) and the officials of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) on how to make the deployment of the GTTC a reality in the Port of Kribi. The working session allowed transporters to recall the major challenge they face, especially the cost of transport from Kribi to Douala. The GTTC pointed out that the departure or return trip is generally made empty, which is a real hurdle that can discourage many transporters.

Ibrahima YAYA, the Chairman of the GTTC, acknowledged that no beginning is easy and urged his peers to continue their efforts by sending a few trucks to Kribi. Arrangements have been made by the Grouping to provide facilities for the drivers’ reception, catering and accommodation. To be precise, we note that from 3 September 2020, a first fleet of about twenty trucks belonging to the members of the group will be available in the Port of Kribi, to facilitate transport over short distances (quay to park; quay-warehouse-Kribi), but also to Douala, and even Yaoundé.

PAK was delighted with this decision. Also, Michael MAMA, PAK’s Operations Manager (DEX) encouraged the GTTC to implement an online freight exchange, which will help match their offer to shippers’ needs and put carriers in a better position to negotiate these costs. The situation regarding the crossing of the corridors was reviewed. On this subject, Ibrahima YAYA explained that it is important to note that there is a slight change, in the right direction. According to the Chairman of the GTTC, «the mission recently conducted on the corridors by the Secretary General of Port Synthèse was successful. However, the implementation of the recommendations is still awaited», he regrets.

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