Welcome to the modern World

By Jean Paul SIMO NJONOU – Chairman of the Board of Directors of PAK



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The Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) has laid out the map of its actions for the future: dare to act in a straight-forward manner. Flexibility is the keyword sustained by modern infrastructures and reduced time for the passage of goods.

The Port of Kribi is an established reality and is deploying its ambitions. It aims at ensuring that every company or stakeholder can work in the best conditions within and above the perimeter of the Port.

This is how the Port of Kribi will continue to bring a significant contribution to the national and sub-regional economic through efficient port services that are well integrated in multimodal transport and which make the Port of Kribi a privileged partner in the global maritime logistics chain.

Since March 2018, Kribi has witnessed the start of operations of a modern, diversified, and efficient port that can offer services with high added value and bank its strategic decisions on its competitive assets, its partners’ expertise and the ever-increasing needs of its customers.

To this end, we will rely on four key values: constant effort, flexible human resources, strategic planning direction and relevance in decision-making.

Our vocation as the gateway to the vast economic hinterland that is the CEMAC Zone, as well as the various and legitimate expectations thereof oblige us to work relentlessly in improving the Port on a continuous basis to make it the safest, most modern and competitive port on the Atlantic side of the Gulf of Guinea.

In PAK, we bring value to our customers by developing logistics chains, streamlining growth sectors coming to our port, investing actively with our customers and partners in the sustainable growth of our port and industrial complex, so that the latter continues to create economic value.

In the coming years, we will do our best to conquer new markets and invest in growing and emerging markets. This is how the Port of Kribi will become a hub providing excellent commercial conditions to new and old customers, open up its port network to the global market and will concentrate on developing modern logistics and industrial areas, new market niches and efficient transport modes.

For the future, we will have to devote additional efforts to extending logistics zones, investing in improving intermodal transport and creating a conducive environment for innovation.

This is for the future, but for now, our bet is on modernity.


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