An Aggressive Marketing and Sales Approach

The aim is to catch the attention of potential and effective customers and have them become long-term buyers of the products and services provided by the Port Authority of Kribi and its operators.

With the increasing competitive pressure on ports around the world, it is pivotal to improve on the performance of the Port of Kribi, which goes beyond streamlining operations, reducing costs and time. A global performance mechanism should indeed include promotion activities as key elements of the overall performance of the Port of Kribi, especially in a national and international environment marked by a slowdown of activities and consequently a contraction of achieved and forecasted sales.

In addition, activities should comply with international trade standards in a world where interconnection between countries is on the rise, customers are increasingly demanding and demand for services and products is changing by the day. PAK should therefore come up with new, innovative and efficient models, develop solutions that are favourable and profitable to everyone and, above all, make them known to economic operators.


Informative day to sensitise institutional stakeholders on the assets and opportunities of the Port of Kribi

Yaounde: May 2019

Bafoussam: November 2019

Subject: As part of the gradual development of sales operations, PAK, in a move including all the operators of the Port of Kribi (KCT and KPMO), seeks to go to Yaounde first, and then Bafoussam, in order to inform prescribers and other decision-makers based in and around these towns, of the opportunities and assets of the Port of Kribi. These are still largely unknown to the majority of the public and it has an adverse effect on achieving the commercial objectives and, ultimately, on the company’s turnover. The purpose of this information day is to encourage managers of major government projects, namely, to identify and see Kribi as the destination where they can locate or relocate their import activities for goods and equipment related to over-arching projects in particular.

Targets: Institutional stakeholders in charge of major public procurement, shippers, managers of major state projects, general public, local economic operators, over-arching projects, NGOs, diplomatic representations, etc.

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